Civil report

A Civil Report is an individual’s or the borrower’s financial identity and reflection. It is an individual's credit payment history across loan types and credit institutions over a while. This record is a document determining the borrower’s past credit dealings from and to the lending institutions

What is Civil Report?

The report contains elaborate information about the borrower’s credit including home and car loan, overdraft facilities, credit cards, etc., Civil reports are updated every month by bureaus depending upon the borrower’s financial operation and banks can pull them out as and when required. It is important to ensure that the information mentioned in the report is accurate and positive as it makes an impact on the borrower’s future financial dealings.

What lenders look for in civil reports?

Civil reports help lenders lookout for individuals past dues on outstanding payments, red flags (if any) on loan accounts or the number of inquiries made on the account. This allows them to make a better-informed decision when approving a loan application.


Credit Information Report : This contains the credit information of the borrower along with details of past credit behaviour and the civil score.

Company Credit Report: This comprises the complete credit payment history of the company.


  • These help lending companies and banks get a fair idea of the borrower’s creditworthiness
  • Lending companies extend a good amount of loans to borrowers based on the health of the report
  • It helps lenders understand how prospective borrowers manage their finances


Civil Score : Based on the borrower’s financial behaviour, the civil score is calculated and it reflects in the accounts and inquiries section of the report.

Personal information : It bears personal information like name, date of birth, gender and identification proofs (PAN).

Employment details : Details of borrower’s monthly or annual income are mentioned in the report

Hard inquiries : Every time a borrower applies for a credit card or loan, it reflects as a hard inquiry and gets listed in the report along with the type and amount of credit and date of application.

Generation of the report

The civil report includes the individual’s credit history. The information is provided by bureaus every month, but the report can be generated several times. The online facility gives the borrower access to check the report every 24 hours. However, changes in the report are visible only after the duration of 30-days when the bureau updates the report.


  • Credit repayment history
  • Loan servicing term
  • Poor credit mix
  • Number of accounts
  • Derogatory remarks
  • Errors